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At Newton Pediatric Dentistry, a trip to the dentist is much more than just getting your teeth cleaned. It is a fun dental practice for kids where they can feel comfortable and at ease in our office designed just for them. From young children to teens, your family will feel right at home in our state of the art pediatric dental practice; our child centered team creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Dr. Van Orenstein DMD, a board certified pediatric dentist, views prevention as the first line of defense and the most important factor in creating a healthy dental home. That is why Dr. Van prefers to begin the dentist-patient relationship by age one as recommend by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our child friendly staff takes the time to build rapport with every child to earn their trust and keep them looking forward to coming back for regular checkups. No matter what your child’s needs, we strive to make each visit a fun, educational, and a positive experience.

Why Newton Pediatric Dentistry?

Newton Pediatric Dentistry was created to be a welcoming and positive kids dental practice for all children, from infancy through the teen years. We are a team made up of individuals who love working with young people to help steer them towards happiness and healthiness. As soon as you walk into Newton Pediatric Dentistry, you’ll feel a warmth and friendliness that will make your kids feel right at ease with the whole experience of going to the pediatric dentist.

Our philosophy is grounded in the idea of prevention. Through regular exams, identifying risk, and developing strong healthy habits, we do our best to stop troublesome dental issues. This includes consistent thorough dental home care. We understand our role as health professionals to motivate and educate our patients, tailoring plans to their individual needs.

In the big picture, our aim is to foster patients with a positive view of pediatric dentistry. Good experiences as a child at the pediatric dentist can create a lifetime of favorable outcomes. We ask that you join us in focusing on the positive aspects of pediatric dental care so that we can all join together in creating happy patients with a great attitude towards their oral health.

About Dr. Van

Dr. Van Orenstein grew up right here in Newton. His training allowed him to see the country from coast to coast, and after all that, he realized that Boston is a kind place and returned home. After attending Newton North High School and the University of Vermont, he completed his dental degree at the University of Pennsylvania and his pediatric dental specialty at UCLA. Despite living in the Sunshine State for 5 years, Dr. Van returned so that a hometown kid could serve his community.

Dr. Van Orenstein is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. He is one of a small number of pediatric dentists to complete this additional degree of recognized excellence in pediatric dentistry. Additionally, his two year residency in pediatric dentistry gave him extensive experience working with children and adolescents with special needs, sedation dentistry, state of the art technology, and the most up to date research in the field.


We love Dr. Van! We recently had the Icon procedure to remove a white spot on my son’s front tooth, and it went great. Dr. Van managed to removed it completely and now my son can finally smile and not be shy about it! We are definitely in good hands!

Caroline M.

My children LOVE going to the dentist. They’ve always had positive experiences with everyone who works here which makes coming in so easy for me. Dr Van is excellent with children as are all the hygienists. The front office staff are also very helpful and knowledgeable. I wish I could come here as an adult!

Melissa H.

We held off on going to the dentist a little longer than recommended due to my daughters medical anxiety and temperament…and the pandemic. Her first visit was a success and we attribute it to the teams expertise in working with children. Cannot recommend this office enough! Gentle, kind, fun. Their COVID precautions are spot on and I appreciate everything they are doing to keep themselves, patients, and families safe.

Maureen K.

Great pediatric dentist. Great experience for the kids. The staff is so patient with the kids. It’s great bc they can pick a show on Netflix to watch while getting their teeth cleaned. Also I was just there because my daughter tipped her two front teeth and they were able to get me in and fill them and fix them and they look amazing now


Followed right up with me when I had an issue with my daughter’s tooth. Put our minds at ease. The atmosphere is cheerful and catered to children. The Dr. and staff made an effort to go out of their way for my daughter and us, the parents, to feel comfortable and explained everything thoroughly. So happy we found this gem.

Christina N.

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