Dr. Van Orenstein

Dr. Van Orenstein grew up right here in Newton. His training allowed him to see the country from coast to coast, and after all that, he realized that Boston is a kind place and returned home. After attending Newton North High School and the University of Vermont, he completed his dental degree at the University of Pennsylvania and his pediatric dental specialty at UCLA. Despite living in the Sunshine State for 5 years, Dr. Van returned so that a hometown kid could serve his community.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in the idea of prevention. Through regular exams, identifying risk, and developing strong healthy habits, we do our best to stop troublesome dental issues. This includes consistent thorough dental home care. We understand our role as health professionals to motivate and educate our patients, tailoring plans to their individual needs.

Best Pediatric Dentist in Newton

Dr. Van Orenstein is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. He is one of a small number of pediatric dentists to complete this additional degree of recognized excellence in pediatric dentistry. Additionally, his two year residency in pediatric dentistry gave him extensive experience working with children and adolescents with special needs, sedation dentistry, state of the art technology, and the most up to date research in the field.

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