Welcome to Newton Pediatric Dentistry

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family. At the first and every visit, your child will be treated with a gentle, caring touch because we know how important those little smiles are.

By developing a relationship with your child, Dr. Van Orenstein and his staff will begin the building blocks on which good habits and a healthy attitude towards pediatric dental health are formed.

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Getting to know you

Every child is different, and depending on their comfort level, we will introduce them to different aspects of the pediatric dental setting as they are ready. Most will start the visit at the brushing station where we evaluate your child’s brushing and give tips as needed for proper brushing.

During the visit, Dr. Van Orenstein will conduct a thorough examination checking for signs of decay and take x-rays when necessary. Using digital radiography, we are able to greatly minimize the amount of radiation exposure that your child receives. We will also perform a comprehensive cleaning on your child’s teeth and apply a fluoride treatment. If necessary, we will discuss a treatment plan for future needs. And of course, we will be sending your child home with a prize as a reward before heading out with a sparkly clean smile.

Other factors Newton Pediatric Dentistry considers during the exam:

  1. Clinical soft and hard tissue exam: Evaluation of growth and development of head & neck region. Evaluation of teeth and soft tissue development.
  2. Dietary evaluation and guidance on improvement if necessary.
  3. Proper fluoride intake for infants and young children
  4. Check for oral habits including: Pacifier, thumb or finger habit, sippy cup or bottle, tounge thrust, etc.
  5. Injury prevention counseling and early intervention with contact sports.
  6. Caries Risk Assessment: Inform parents and patients if they may be high risk to develop future cavities
  7. Develop an individual home care routine to so we can PREVENT future cavities.

Pediatric Dental Vocabulary

At Newton Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to make this dental visit a positive experience for your child. Dental anxiety arises from the fear of the unknown. We can make dental treatment comfortable and part of this is the way we are able to communicate with kids. For this reason, there are certain traditional words that we choose to avoid.

We replace them with words that kids can understand and move forward with. We would appreciate your cooperation in making your child’s visit as positive as can be.

Some key words we would ask you to please refrain from using: hurt, pain, shot, mosquito bite.

Traditional Vocab

Shot or Needle


Drill the tooth

Extract or Pull tooth

Rubber Dam

Decay or Cavity

Pediatric Dental Vocab

Sleepy Drops

Water spray

Wash off the sugar bugs

Wiggle tooth

Tooth Raincoat

Sugar Bugs

Patient Forms

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