At Newton Pediatric Dentistry, you get the BEST

At NPD, going to the dentist is FUN! Dr. Van and our team have designed a visit flow that focuses on achieving better health outcomes while at the same time being child-centered and fun. All children deserve a highly trained team of professionals to teach them, motivate them, and give them an upper hand in keeping their smile healthy and confident. Because we’re asked, a lot, no we don’t host birthday parties, and no we don’t treat the parents . And we love when your children share that they love coming to see us so much that they want to be a dentist when they grow up.

Quality Matters

We are using state of the art dental technology to benefit your family.
This includes the following techniques, and much more:

● Low radiation digital x-rays: use 90% less radiation.
● Cosmetic ‘tooth colored’ fillings: blend in with the natural tooth and do not contain mercury.
● Calming nitrous oxide: can calm and relax your child to make the procedure much more pleasant.

Because quality matters, we are committed to using only the best dental materials and labs on every service we render. Our dental office is BPA FREE because we treat your children exactly how we would treat our own. We care about what goes into our patient’s bodies.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you about the steps we take to make sure your dental visits are holistic and non-toxic. Call us now to make your first appointment and one of the members of our highly qualified clinical team will answer all of your questions.


When you walk into our office, you will notice that we care about creating a calm and positive atmosphere. Our experienced administrative team will work diligently to ensure that your visit is easy and convenient. We take pride in the protocols and systems we have developed to help you navigate your insurance benefits. We will always do our best to maximize your insurance coverage and will take the time to process all your insurance claims on your behalf without sacrificing quality of care. Our dedicated team will answer, to the best of their ability, all your insurance questions so that you can make informed decisions on your children’s health.

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