A great little story!

A big thank you to all the kids who came for the Candy Buy Back event today! We already have over 100 pounds of candy for the troops. We paid out some serious cash and had so much fun. We’ll be doing it again on Wednesday from 2-6PM.We wanted to share a short but meaningful story that we hope brightens your night as much as it brightened ours. It was told today by a mother from Newton who actually went to Newton North with Dr. Van. She posted on faceboook after Halloween that she was coming to this event. One comment under her post was from a US soldier friend of hers who was previously stationed in Afghanistan. One of his happiest moments from overseas was the day that he received candy in the mail from the states along with the cards and pictures that came along with it.

We want to give a huge thank you to all the troops for everything you do for our country. If we can brighten your day, this event will have been an amazing success. Our patient’s have already written dozens of cards and pictures for the troops.

See you again on Wednesday!

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